Designated Urban Centre Grant Scheme

In 2015 Kerry County Council successfully submitted an application to the Southern Regional Assembly for European Regional Development Funding (€1.5m – ca50% of the total cost of development) through the Designated Urban Centre Grant Scheme for a 3 year programme of work for the development of The Old Denny Factory Site and the creation of a master plan for the area of Tralee Town Centre West. Other work includes the upgrading of Bill Booley’s Lane, Bridge Lane & The Square.



The Application

  • Demolish the disused factory site (approx 2.3 acres) and redevelop the site by January 2019 deadline.
  • Develop a Master Plan for the economic and social regeneration of the site and surrounding area to include the development of a public amenity space (minimum 30% of site) within the Denny factory Site.
  • Provide new pedestrian linkages through the site along with upgrading and strengthening existing pedestrian linkages to The Mall & The Square
  • Enhance The Square, with new planting, provision of seating and parasols.
  • Develop an interim phase amenity space providing improved access to the town centre while improving the visual amenity and aesthetic of the west of the town centre

The Principles

  • Drive economic growth and prosperity within the town centre.
  • Promote the sustainable redevelopment of key infill and opportunity sites in order to achieve the greatest mix and range of uses possible and to energise the vitality of the town’s commercial core.
  • Promote sustainable development and energy efficient technologies which will provide for robust economic growth in the town centre.
  • Attract a residential population to the town centre through high quality design which protects and enhances existing, positive aspects of character, environment and heritage and which accommodates  the varied needs of a vibrant community.
  • Prioritise the use and enjoyment of the town centre streets and spaces by pedestrians and cyclists while providing for all means of travel.

The objectives

Stimulate economic growth by attracting a flagship commercial enterprise to the former Denny Factory Site, thereby acting as a catalyst to enhance the vitality and viability of the Town Centre, by facilitating a vibrant (day & night time) economy.

Promote the regeneration of the Tralee Town Centre West area through the enhancement of its physical fabric, development of the former Denny Site and transformation of its image so that it becomes an attractive place for all those living, working and visiting the area.

Promote the regeneration of the Tralee Town Centre West area as a vibrant and socially inclusive area through the development and improvement of the former Denny Site and a new amenity/public realm as a focal point for the centre of the town while embracing arts and creative industries and sustainable urban living.